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Review: Trek Remedy 9.9

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Trek Remedy

Wheel size: 27.5 

Travel: 150mm rear 

Riding Category: All mountain/enduro

The Trek Remedy proves that good things do come in small packages, 27.5 wheels that is. In 2019 this bike underwent some major design changes, most notably wider tires and a steeper seat tube angle. Let me start off by saying that this isn’t a bike that I liked at first - I am 6’ 3” 210 lbs and my previous two bikes have been 29er’s with a long reach and wheelbase. The Remedy has 27.5 inch wheels with a short and snappy feel. However, after putting some miles on dirt this bike has quickly become one of my favorites. Rather than being big and stable over everything, it allows you to really dig into the trail and explore the playful side of mountain biking. I credit much of this to the nimble 27.5 inch wheels, which make the bike feel very zippy and maneuverable. I felt like having smaller wheels afforded me more control in tight berms and switchbacks while also allowing me more freedom to flick the bike around in the air, in comparison to 29er bikes with similar travel.

One of the more impressive aspects of this bike was its ability to eat up chunky sections of trail, substantiating Trek’s proprietary RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft suspension design. For example, on the fireroad section of Porcupine Rim down in Moab I was amazed at my ability to hold a line at high speed without getting bucked around. Moreover, Trek’s Straight Shot downtube has saved me several times from going over the bars by providing a stiff front end that won’t dive in hairy situations when you lose control. But going down is only half the battle right? Fortunately this bike climbs like a champ, or at least better than any 27.5 I’ve ridden. Although I wasn’t setting PR’s on uphill strava segments, I found the bump roll-over and sensitivity while climbing to be unmatched. The steeper seat tube angle made it feel like the Remedy was pushing me uphill, and over more technical uphill sections I just let the suspension soak up all the bumps, as opposed to getting hung up on them. The rear shock does have a 3-position lever but most of the time I just leave it fully open, as it seems to enhance my climbing ability.

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In my two months with the Remedy I have put this bike through absolute hell. The likes of St. George, Wasatch Crest, Crested Butte, and Trestle Bike park are just a few of the places I have taken it. I can say without doubt that this has been one of the most fun mountain bikes I have ever owned. The smaller wheel size was something I was very hesitant about at first but now I really enjoy the ability to be playful with every part of the trail and still efficiently climb up anything I throw at it. My only caveats are the knock-block and the paint. Knock-block limited my turning radius and it was frustrating to feel the fork hit the downtube every time I tried to turn the bars while airborne. As for the paint some of it chipped off from what seemed like superficial rock strikes (better invest in a frame protector next time). For me one of the biggest draws to the Remedy is its ability to maintain quality at every price point. The base Remedy 7 comes in at a budget-friendly $3300 and maintains many of the same component features of the higher end models. Bottom line, if you are someone that loves getting in the air and flicking the bike around every chance you get, the Trek Remedy is the bike for you.

- Devin Keefe