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Guthrie Employee Bikes: What We Ride

We love riding and testing the latest and greatest from the brands we carry.  Some of us find the perfect bike and stick to it year after year (like Jeff, who gets the Trek Madone each year); and some of us like to try out something new each time.  But we always love to talk to you about our new equipment and the upgrades and tweaks we make to them.  Here's a peek at the bikes our employees are currently riding and our favorite things about them:

Jeff's Trek Madone SLR

Weight: 18 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Custom Trek Project One Paint  - built to order
  • Aerodynamic design slices through the wind
  • Frame design makes it efficient and smooth
  • Wireless rear derailleur for immediate shifting
  • Disc brakes mean more control and safety
  • Favorite accessory is the Garmin Varia tail-light that senses/alerts to oncoming cars.

jeff madone

Isaac's Pivot Shadowcat Pro XT

pivot shadowcat
bottle cage

Weight: 30 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Lightweight so it climbs well but still slack enough to descend fast 
  • 27.5" wheels are so playful. 
  • Upgraded to Canecreek Coil.  Feels so planted.
  • Upgraded to Reynold's Carbon Wheels
  • Integrated Tool Mount bottle cage.  (Cute Cat hugging your bottle. Meow)

Josh's Pivot Firebird Team XX1 AXS

pivot firebird

renthal fatbar

Weight: 34 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • XX1 AXS Drivetrain.  The perfect shift every time, this is a must.
  • I9 Hubs laced to Stan's MK4 rims for strong wheels with instant pedal engagement and a melodic hum.
  • Fox Kashima custom tuned suspension and dropper.  Pivot and Fox work hand in hand to deliver the best platform.
  • Every bike he rides gets equipped with carbon Renthal Fatbars with Chromag Squareweave grips.
  • MTX Gold Label brake pads go on every bike Josh rides for the best stopping power.

Isaac M's Pivot Mach 4 SL Team XTR Live Valve

mach 4 sl

quark power meter

Weight: 25.4 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Fox Live Valve Suspension - auto-adjusting sensors make for best pedaling performance
  • Upgraded to Quark Power Meter - best way to train by measuring watts, power, FTP, blah, blah
  • XTR drivetrain - Shimano's best and sweet
  • Upgraded to Bontrager's lightest carbon wheels - Kovee XXX

Andrew's Santa Cruz Bronson CC XX1 AXS RSV

santa cruz bronson

fillmore valve

Weight: 32.5 lbs

Favorite Features: 

  • XX1 AXS Drivetrain.  Quick shifting, low maintenance (just charge the battery)
  • Mullet carbon wheelset (29" front, 27.5" rear) - The saying "business in the front, party in the back" is a winning phrase and Andrew's favorite thing about modern mtn bikes.
  • Santa Cruz Fillmore Valves - quick to inflate/deflate. no clogs!
  • "That's a lot of gold"...says everyone on the trail.

Austin's Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX



Weight: 23.9 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Bontrager Kovee XXX Wheels are so light and help me accelerate quicker.
  • Trek Isostrut is only 60mm suspesion but extremely lightweight and easy to lockout.
  • "Best NICA race bike out there".  No wonder Trek's Factory XC team loves it.
  • Sram GX drivetrain is amazing.  

Jeff's Intense Sniper CX FRO

intense sniper

Weight: 23.2 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Super lightweight and snappy on the climbs.  Feels sooooo fast!
  • XX1 AXS Drivetrain is incredibly quick and smooth.  Nothing better.
  • I love the carbon DT Swiss wheels.

Tyler's Pivot Shadowcat Ride SLX/XT

pivot shadowcat

canecreek cranks

Weight: 27.9 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Mixed Wheels gives the best of both worlds (29" front, 27.5" rearSanta Cruz carbon Reserves)
  • Changed to a 29er Pike Fork to keep the same slack geometry at 140mm travel front/rear. 
  • Upgraded to Canecreek Coil.  More stable at high speed and handles those big drops.
  • EEwing cranks from Cane Creek - crazy light titanium.  bling bling

Max's Pivot Firebird Pro XO1

pivot firebird

hayes dominion

Weight: 35.6 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • Custom MRP Suspension, coil engagement front and rear makes this bike very playful
  • Hayes Dominion Brakes
  • Nobl TR37 carbon wheels with Industry Nine Hydra hubs
  • Chomag Squareweave Grips

Kristy's Santa Cruz Stigmata GRX


suspension stem

tail light

Weight: 19 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • It's a "go everywhere" bike. I use it to commute, explore paved/unpaved trails, and to race gravel events.
  • Added Garmin Varia Tail Light - has a radar that alerts you to cars approaching from behind. When I'm on mostly empty roads riding side-by-side talking with a friend, the radar beep lets me know a car is approaching in enough time to slide behind into single file.
  • Swapped stem to Redshift Pro Suspension Stem - Has 20 mm of travel and helps me hang on to the bars without a "death grip".  Definitely makes for a more comfortable ride during a long day on gravel roads.

Jake's Trek Remedy 9.8

trek remedy

orange coil

Weight: 33 lbs

Favorite Features:

  • 160mm suspension is the right amount of travel to handle big hits and still climb well.  
  • 27.5" wheels are the most playful/maneuverable and fit my riding style.  Great for Deer Valley and shuttle rides.
  • Upgraded to Fox coil rear shock, which makes it track the ground better than an air shock.

Preston's Trek 520 flatbar (The Ultimate Commuter)

trek 520

bar basket

Weight: Doesn't matter, the heavier the better

Favorite Features:

  • Perfect for my short commute.  It makes my commute fun while trying to save the planet.  I love to ride mountain bikes but this gets the most use so it's my top pick. 
  • Added handlebar basket that can hold plenty of weight
  • Added Dropper Seatpost for chillin' at stoplights
  • Frame Bag to know...stuff