Bike Rental & Demo Program

Santa Cruz Demo BikesWe want to make your bike-buying experience easier by allowing you to take a bike out on the dirt and put it to the test.  We offer demo bikes in the most popular Santa Cruz models, as well as some amazing Trek and Zerode bikes. They are available anytime for you to ride on your favorite trail - just come by our shop or give us a call at 801-484-0404 to reserve a bike for a certain day. In addition to the models below, we also have access to other mountain and road bike models.  We can allow you to demo these models with some advanced notice.

Please contact us for more details. Our demo fee can be applied to the future purchase of a bike in our store.  Here are our current bike rental & demo models:

2018 Zerode Taniwha Carbon (with Pinion drivetrain)

The Taniwha carbon frame is custom built around the incredible Pinion C.Line gearbox that makes for a quiet, efficient, low maintenance machine.  No chain slap, no skipping gears, and no broken derailleurs!  By removing a considerable amount of unsprung weight from the rear of the bike, the suspension is free to work like no other bike you've ever ridden - allowing for a much more confidence-inspiring ride and nearly maintenance-free drivetrain.  Demo one and see if you should ditch your derailleurs. 

The Taniwha has 160mm suspension travel and 27.5" wheels.

Sizes Available - Large, XL

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon X01

The Hightower LT is designed for maximum speed in the biggest mountains. It’s bred to meet the demands of racing at the EWS, Crankworx, and Andes Pacifico.

Now with 150mm suspension travel, the LT is the longer -travel brother to the Hightower.  It keeps standard 29" tires for maximum speed and roll-over capability.

Sizes Available - Med, Large, XL

2018 Santa Cruz Nomad 4 Carbon XE 

The redesigned Santa Cruz Nomad was created to satisfy the hard-charging rider who lives for gravity-fueled runs. With 170mm of VPP suspension, a slack 65-degree head angle, and 27.5-inch wheels, the Nomad offers a plush ride coupled with muscled agility for sight-blurring blazes down big, technical descents.

Sizes available - Med, Lg, XL

Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29 (X0-1 Kit)

If hardtails are the sheep of cross country mountain biking, the Santa Cruz Tallboy is a wolf on their heels. With new frame tweaks that increase its trail chops, you'll be stoked to discover where the new Tallboy can take you. On steep and rocky descents, the relaxed 68-degree head angle and 120mm fork urge you to charge harder, and a shortened rear end and more progressive shock tune provide snappy acceleration and a playful feel over smooth, rolling singletrack. For increased control through high-speed turns, the lowered bottom bracket height drops the center of gravity and gives the Tallboy a planted feel.

Available to demo with either 27.5+ or 29 wheels.  Demo both wheel sizes and you can see what's best for you.

Sizes available - Med, Lg, XL.  (see Juliana models for smaller size)

Trek Powerfly 8 Full Suspension E-Bike

"Ride longer, faster" isn't just a sales gimmick. This electric assist bike really does make you want to ride and never stop. You'll be smiling the whole way too!  Going on long rides and adventures you only dreamed of will become your daily norm. Steep problem!  Come check it out and then take it for a long adventure.  We dare you to try it and hate it!

Aluminum Frame, Bosch 500 Battery (250Watt), 27.5x2.8" tires, 130mm suspension, and Shimano XT components

Sizes available - 17.5", 18.5", & 19.5"

Juliana Furtado Carbon 27.5 (X0-1 AM Kit)

The Furtado (like it's Santa Cruz counterpart the "5010") is designed to be fast and playful, yet still climb well on steep, rocky ascents.  It comes with 27.5" wheels and 130mm (5") VPP suspension.  The new Furtado has a more aggressive head tube angle (67-degree), and the longer top tube welcomes the use of shorter stems for more precise handling and greater confidence on rapid descents.  The new lower link rests cleanly out of the way, dramatically improving clearance and minimizing rock strikes.  Wider rear wheel spacing allows for shorter chainstays and a more maneuverable ride.  A SRAM X01 1x11 drivetrain simplifies your shifting but gives a large range of gears for any trail out there. 

Sizes available - Small (see 5010 for larger sizes)

Juliana Joplin Carbon X01 27.5+

Born unto the world as a race-bred endurance machine, the Juliana Joplin has evolved into something more, finding its stride in a genre-defying category that includes all the best traits of XC and trail riding. The result is a bike that's composed on tricky descents, supple through bumpy flats, and strikingly fast when it's time to crank things up. Featuring the crisp-shifting SRAM Eagle X01 1x12 drivetrain paired with powerful Level TLM brakes and a stout Fox 34 Performance Elite 130 fork for predictable handling, the Joplin CC X01 is made for women who are ready to take mountain biking to the next level.

Available to demo with either 27.5+ or 29 wheels.  Demo both wheel sizes and you can see what's best for you.

Sizes available - Small (see Tallboy for larger sizes)