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best of 2023 

Guthrie's Best of 2023

Our top picks of the year for bikes, accessories, and tech. 

mtb upgrades 

Mountain Bike Upgrades for Under $200

Refresh your ride without breaking the bank. 

cyclocross racing 

Guthrie's Guide to Cyclocross

Find out what it is and see our top models for this invigorating style of cycling.

downcountry showdown 

Downcountry Bike Showdown

Top Fuel vs Trail 429 vs Tallboy. 

bike commuting essentials 

Essentials for Bike Commuting 

We want you to ride your bike more, and here are some great accessories to help you do just that. 

new fuel ex 

Quick Glimpse at the 2023 Trek Fuel EX

There's a lot to know about this newly redesigned bike, but we break down the main points for you right here.

best starter mountain bike 

Best Starter Mountain Bikes

Want to start mountain biking but unsure of what to buy? Check out our guide to the best mountain bikes for new riders. 

How Snow Sports translate to MTB and Cycling

Find out how skiing and riding can actually benefit your cycling skills.

new years tips

How to Start Cycling this Year

Tips and tricks to get you on a bike in 2023. 

mtb innovations

Mountain Bike Innovations We're Thankful For

Everyone's thankful for something this time of year so why not pay respect to some of MTB's greatest achievements. 

mtb suspension maintenance

Fall Riding Essentials

The best gear to help keep you comfortable this time of year. 

mtb suspension maintenance

Guthrie's Guide: MTB Suspension Maintenance

Understand what it is and how often you should do it. 

guthrie employee bikes

What We Ride: Guthrie Employee Bikes

A peek at the rigs our employees are on this season. 

pivot cycles showroom

A Trip to Pivot Cycles

Our own Tyler Callister gives us an inside look at the Pivot Cycles factory in Tempe, AZ. 

enduro bike matchup

Enduro Bike Matchup

Megatower vs Slash vs Firebird

We put three of our top models head to head to head to find out which is king of this emerging mountain bike category.

EMTB Showdown

PC: Park City Mountain Bike

Tips for Early Season Riding

Our guide to early season mountain biking in the Wasatch with tips for proper trail etiquette.

EMTB Showdown

E-MTB Showdown

We put three of our favorite electric mountain bikes head to head to help you choose to help you find your next ride. 

Guthrie's top picks of 2021

Guthrie's Top Picks of 2021

Our employees share their favorite bikes and products from the past year.

The Gravel Bike Rundown

Get out of town for the day to Slate Creek Mountain Bike Trail in the Uintas!

Our very own Kristy Philippi gives us the ups and downs of the new Slate Creek and Beaver Creek Mountain Bike Trails in the Uintas just outside of Kamas.

The Gravel Bike Rundown

When The Road Ends, You Don't Have to Stop There

Our very own Kristy Philippi breaks down the in's-n-out's of gravel biking and shares her experiences on the trails

Spring Forward and Dial In Your Ride

Spring Forward and Dial In Your Ride

The Guthrie staff from Bountiful and Sugarhouse know this little secret and they’ve got a lineup of great products ready to spring board your rides.

Pivot Firebird 29

Review: Pivot Firebird 29 Pro X01

Big hits, long travel and endless lift laps. Is this the long and low 29er to rule them all? 

indoor cycilng

Guide to Indoor Trainers

Winter months means icy roads and dirty bikes, which can keep you from maintaining a cycling routine. Try riding inside! Check out our comprehensive guide to indoor trainers. 

ski bike

An Overview of Tngnt Ski Bikes

Ever wish your mountain bike could have skis? Well it can! Ski bikes are taking resorts by storm, read our latest blog post to find out more about this rapidly growing sport and how you can try one out today.

A Thanksgiving Trip to Bentonville

Over Thanksgiving week a couple of Guthrie employees ventured to the famed mountain bike destination of Bentonville, Arnkansas. Read on to learn about the city's excellent trails and find out how the trip went.

Electric mountain bike

Updated: Guide to Electric Mountain Bikes

Will 2021 be the year of the mullet bike, or will 29ers continue their reign? Electric mountain bikes are taking the cycling world by storm, and there's a lot of updates that have happened in the last few months. Find out more about the latest offerings from Pivot and Santa Cruz.

winter cycling

Winter Gear Guide

Don't let the cold keep you off your bike during the winter months. Let us help you stay on your bike with our guide to winter cycling gear. 

Buy Bikes Early

Early Bird Gets the Bike

It's no secret that bikes are hard to come by as of late. We're hard at work making sure we can get you the bikes and parts you want for next year. See what you can do now to ensure your cycling needs are met.  

electric mountain bike

Buyer's Guide to Electric Mountain Bikes

Love em' or hate em' electric mountain bikes, or e-MTB's are here to stay. Let us help you navigate this novel landscape while exploring some of our favorite models from Trek and Santa Cruz. 

bike tour

Lehi to Page: a Bike Touring Fundraiser

Our employees Tim, Devin, and Taylor embarked on a 315 mile journey to raise money for the Navajo Nation. Find out how the trip went as well as some of their favorite products for self-supported touring. 


Review: Trek Madone SLR 7

Wanna go fast? Like really fast? The Trek Madone has been deemed the "Ultimate Race Bike" by achieving a delicate balance of aerodynamics, weight, fit, and ride quality. Get our take on this superbike from none other than the speed demon himself, Jeff Goddard.

Electric Bikes

Which electric bike is right for you?

Curious about what makes electric bikes so cool? We break down some of our most popular e-bikes to help you make an informed decision. 

Trek Remedy

Review: Trek Remedy 9.9

This playful, fun-loving 27.5 enduro machine got a significant revamp in 2019. See why it's one of our favorite trail bikes. 

Pivot Switchblade

Review: Pivot Switchblade Pro XT/XTR

Completely redesigned for 2020, the Pivot Switchblade delivers an unmatched blend of travel and versatility to take on every trail.

Trek Slash

Review: Trek Slash 9.9

Love going fast? Long-travel, stiff front end, 29 inch wheels, what more could you want? Find out why the Trek Slash delivers great capability at a quality price point.

Santa Cruz Megatower

Review: Santa Cruz Megatower CC XX1 AXS Reserve

One bike to rule them all? Or just too much bike? Find out why the Santa Cruz Megatower slays everything you throw at it.

Trek Fuel EX Review

Review: Trek Fuel EX 9.8

This bike has been a flagship in Trek's mountain lineup for years, and for good reason. Find out why this is one of the best all around full suspensions we offer.