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Bike Repair & Service

Bike Service at Guthrie Bicycle



Our staff specializes in fast, friendly, and fair service. When you bring your bike in, we'll inspect it in our repair stand, make some recommendations, and determine which package or service is right for you.  We'll discuss your needs and set clear expectations for price and turnaround.  We're always happy to answer questions about how to maintain your bike, and how you can keep costly repairs to a minimum.

Standard turnaround is 2-4 business days, and our mechanics will keep you updated throughout the service process should anything change. Our experienced staff is willing to answer any questions you may have about your bicycle or the service process.  Whether it’s a routine tune-up or a major bicycle repair, you can count on us for clear communication, fair rates, and quality work.  If you experience any trouble after a tune-up, please bring the bike back in or let us know how we can make things right. 

We service nearly every brand of bicycle, however, due to liability concerns we do not service Class 2 and Class 4 throttle E-bikes at this time.  All other E-bikes will be charged a service fee, up to $150 in addition to normal charges.

Guthrie Bicycle Standard Labor Rates

Average Turnaround is 2-4 business days.  Shop Hourly Rate is $80.

E-bike surcharge service fee - up to $150 additional.  We do not service throttle e-bikes.

All services include shop supplies, such as fluids, unless otherwise marked.

Many installation services will require a related adjustment but most services are discounted when added to a tune-up.

Minor Tune


Shifting adjustment

Brake adjustment

Drivetrain lubrication

Cable lubrication

Basic Tune


The Minor Tune, plus:

True wheels

Adjust hubs, bottom Bracket and Headset

Frame Cleaning

Safety Check

Pro Tune


The Basic Tune, plus:

Frame cleaning AND Drivetrain bath

New shift cables

MTB Overhaul


The Pro Tune, plus:

New cables & housing

Bleed both brakes

Front and rear suspension service

*Parts not included*

** Available in the winter months (Oct through Feb) 


Tape Handlebars
Install Handlebars (mountain)
Install Handlebars (road)
Trim Handlebars
Install Stem
Install Saddle
Install dropper Seatpost
Trim Seatpost


Adjust Derailleur$15
Install Cable (external routing)$20
Install Cable (internal routing)$30
Install Chain$20
Install Crank$30
Install Chainrings (set)$40
Install Cassette$15
Install Derailleur & adjust$30
Install Shifter (flat bar/mountain)$25
Install Shifter (drop bar/road)$50


Adjust Brake
Install Cable Brake Pads & Adjust
Install Mechanical Lever
Install Rim Brake Caliper
Install Disc Brake Caliper
Install Disc Brake Rotor
Install Hydraulic Disc Brake
Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brake


Install Pedal Cleats
Install Rack
Install Fenders (set)
Install Basket
Install Computer
Install Kickstand

Most accessories are installed for free with your purchase of a new bike!

Wheels and Rubber

Install Tube/Tire ("Fix-a-flat")
Install Tire Armor (each)
Tubeless Setup (parts/fluids extra)
Adjust Hub
Overhaul Hub
Broken Spoke/Nipple Repair
True Wheel (each)

Fork and Frame

Adjust Headset
Install Headset and Crown Race
Overhaul Headset
Install Sealed Headset Bearings$30
Install Fork
Cut Fork Steerer
Install Bottom Bracket
Chase Bottom Bracket Threads

Suspension / Dropper

Install Rear Shock
Replace Rear Shock Bushings/Hardware (per eyelet)
Santa Cruz Suspension Bearing Replacement (each)
Other Suspension Bearing Replacement (each)
Fork Lower Service (seals extra)
Rear Shock Air Can Service (seals extra)
Change Fork Travel/Install New Fork Internals
Install Dropper Post
Reverb Bleed
Reverb Rebuild (parts extra)

Builds and Boxing

Box Bike for Shipping (including box)
Build Bike from Box
Strip and Rebuild Bike/Parts Transfer to New Frame
Custom Frame-up Build
Custom Wheel Build

Odds and Ends

Bike Fit Service - Basic
Find a Creak (min $80)
Thread Chasing (per hole)
Bolt Extraction (per bolt, min $40)

E-bike surcharge service fee - up to $150 additional.

Overwhelmed or not sure exactly what you need? Is a repair or service not on the list?

Give us a call or bring your bike by! Our mechanics are always happy to provide you a detailed quote when you bring your bike in for inspection, or give their best estimate over the phone.

This list is regularly updated to reflect current shop rates, and is part of how we keep things transparent for our customers.