Nearly 100 Years of combined bike experience!

Jeff Goddard

Owner - 10+ years

Guthrie Bicycle entered its fifth generation of family ownership in the fall of 2014, when Jeff purchased the shop from his father, Richard. Jeff is the boss, but he likes to spend as much time on the showroom floor as possible to talk bikes, meet customers, and fit bikes. Jeff grew up mountain biking with his dad and friends, and loved the frequent Moab trips. He’s now primarily a road biker and likes to race crits and race everyone on Strava, especially the shop guys.


Preston Jacobsen

Store Manager - 15+ years

Preston started at Guthrie in the summer of 2000, which means he’s spent over half his life employed at our bike shop. These days Preston runs our day-to-day operations, and his deep knowledge in all things bike and longstanding relationships with dozens of vendors mean he can help you solve just about any bike-related problem you happen to have. If you buy a bike from Preston and walk into the shop two years later, don’t be surprised when he greets you by name. He’s just got it like that.


Ryan Evans

Head Mechanic - 20+ years

The year was 1995. Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” was topping the charts, and a young man named Ryan Evans showed up for his first day of work at Guthrie Bicycle. Mr. Evans lives and breathes bicycles. He’s logged tens of thousands of miles commuting and is an absolute beast on a mountain bike. Two decades spent tuning countless bikes means he’s just as comfortable working within the tight tolerances of a high end race machine as he is turning a 25-year-old garage ornament into a serviceable commuter. If you drop your bike off for any of our tune packages, Ryan will be doing the work, and he’ll do it well.


Nick Anderson

Merchandising Mgr - 10+ years

Nick has been a fixture at Guthrie for over ten years, so you’ve probably chatted with him a bit if you’ve been around the shop over the last decade. Nick’s longevity at Guthrie means he’s a wealth of bike and part knowledge and he can get you set up right. He also has many miles logged on a touring bike, which makes him the guy to talk to if you’re thinking about putting a kit together for a long trip on two wheels. Oh yeah, have you ever met our shop dog, Hailee? Nick’s her person.


Mikey Sjodin

Sales Manager - 9 years

Mikey’s an IronMan triathlete and an undefeated MMA fighter, but don’t let that scare you off. We promise he’s a really nice guy. You can trust Mikey to set you up with the bike, clothing, or accessories that best suit your needs. Mikey is one of our bike experts and has a strong fitness background, so he can get you dialed in on the bike. If you want to get to know him a little better, come on one of our Saturday morning road rides and chase him around for a few hours.


Paul Shpakov

Mechanic - 10+ years

Paul solves problems. He’s been fixing bikes professionally for years, but he’s also led alternate lives as an Air Force electrician, an auto mechanic, and a custom fabricator of car and home stereo equipment. Paul’s mystifying ability to repair pretty much anything that’s broken is good news for you if there’s something funky wrong with your bike, and plenty of bikes once deemed unfixable are rolling around Salt Lake thanks to his handiwork. Oh yeah… if you’re looking to roast your quads, follow Paul on Strava and see if you can beat any of his climb times around the Wasatch.


Todd Erickson

Mechanic - 5+ years

Todd worked at Guthrie from 2007-2012 and left for a stint at a major bicycle manufacturer. We’re honored to have Todd back on staff as a part-time mechanic and builder. Given his expensive taste in frames and components, he’s our go-to guy in the high-end road and cyclocross department. Todd’s also got some serious design chops and is the brains behind our handsome new cycling jerseys.


Alex Sanders

Sales - 2 years

Alex joined the Guthrie family in 2014 after several years of hopping between different jobs in the ski and bike industries. Alex is a Salt Lake native who fondly remembers drooling over futuristic Trek Y bikes at the Guthrie university store in the mid 90’s. A self -described product nerd, Alex is happy to engage in hyper-specific dialogue about gear until he’s blue in the face. Let his obsession be your guide to what’s what in the bike world.


Brandon Lesniak

Sales and Service - 1 year

Every shop needs a young, cool guy and Brandon fills that role admirably at Guthrie. Even though we drag him along on climby trail rides from time to time, Brandon prefers show us all what’s up when things point downhill. Between his young-guy fitness and his voracious appetite for ripping berms and flying through the air, Brandon has had some fine showings representing Guthrie at local enduro events. Trust Brandon to help you choose the right mountain bike and optimize it for your style of riding.


Evan Smail

Sales and Service - 1 year

Evan showed up on our doorstep in the spring of 2015 and we just couldn’t say no to the kid. We figured an 18-year-old champion rock climber and engineering student must have a pretty good head on his shoulders and know how to get things done. A hard worker and an excellent rider, Evan’s proven himself as a great addition to the Guthrie squad.


Robby Babbit

Sales - 2 years

Robby has years of experience in the outdoor retail industry as a salesman, manager, and currently, a sales representative. When he isn’t on the road repping for one of his eight outdoor and camping brands, he’s nice enough to hang out at our store and provide excellent customer service in his “off” time. If you’re out and about in the mountains, you’re likely to bump into Robbie climbing, skiing, or biking his way through the Wasatch.